Thursday, October 26, 2006

Barney and friends

Rayer pix time..!
well this year's theme is purple..
here's some of 'em..malas lah nak upload byk2...
k, follow the arrow...

^My bro and family

^Dini, contented wif da big ball..hihi..

^another cute nephew of mine, mohd Hazeem

^cewah...playing Fur Elise with Zaki's piano..nmpk gaya pro tak?

^anak dara saper tu....kikikiki..

^Dad and Nyai..

^Me and Fitri..

^Family and atok..(Incomplete)

aha...very the puple, very the Barney and friends..
there's more..but next time lah ek..if im free..


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