Thursday, January 25, 2007

e'thing on 2th jan

The b'dae boy was one satisfied guy...:)
after maghrib, dad recited the du'a and fitri cut the cake..

as for me, i bought him the book and lanyard he wanted and treated him to ice cream...
suker giller dia...hehe..

his prezzies

eat ice cream like never before...;)

as for the upcoming wedding ceremony,
i feel like im the bride..ahakz...

how come?

yelah, org lain kawen, i lak yg sibuk nk kai inai...
very the mak nenek...;)

the 'berinai' session...;)

i've been busy with preparing the berkat for the kiddos...


and more candies!

gosh! i feel like charlie and the chocolate factory already...:)

oh yah!
i've got a new baby!

nope not turtles...:p

an olympus tripod!

im one happy bunny....:)

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