Wednesday, January 10, 2007

missing him, tests and cardio?

i miss my bloggie...
(ceh! padahal baru brp hari je tk blog)

i've got midterms coming up...
gila lah...
rasa mcm bermimpi je...

i thought the semester just begun yesterday...ahakz!
i've got one midterm tomorrow..
and two other next week..

i've started to feel the tense building up..
chill lah nana~~

u can do it...
if Yan can cook,
you can too!


Im missing you dear rainbow..
how i wish i could be there to lend a listening ear...

dont worry,
i'Allah e'thing will be fine...
i have faith in you..

you can do it too! :)

i'll be back this weekend and we can talk about it..k?

miss ya lots!

oh yah!
i've registered for the fitness training (aerobics class) in my mahallah...
the trainer is a qualified nutritionist and fitness expert..

last night was the first class..
oh boy!
i had such fun that i did not want it to end...

and the best thing is,
i do not experience any muscle aches today...

and for your info,
in that class,
we'll be taught kickboxing, cardio and latin rhythm moves...

gerek kaaan!

ee...excited nyer...
:) :)

p/s: love you dear...:)

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