Wednesday, August 27, 2008

CONVO-ED part I: Pre-Convocation

I am officially an IIUM Graduate!!

It was a wonderful experience...
Something that I've dreamt of
since primary school!!

That explains my excitement for the past few days..

I shall make my Convocation entry into two parts,
So that it will be easy for you people to follow...:)

Sunday 24th August 2008:

I woke up at 4 a.m!!
woke everybody up,
waited until after Subuh
and we were on our way......yippie!

6.15 a.m: On our way

Us at the back..

Over the causeway, It was still dark...

Had Breakfast at Aliff restaurant in JB...

Kuala Lumpur here we come!!!!

Our stay for the night: The Nomad Sucasa Hotel@Ampang.

Room Number.

View from up above..

What we wore..Cute right..hihi...

Time to jalan-jalan..

Went to GM Plaza, shopped around
and I suggested we all go to IIUM Convest Hill..

But I pestered my dad to wash his car first..
Nak masuk IIUM,
Takkan kereta nk biar kotor..

So there, all snowed up..

Random Rooster..(orang bandar nampak ayam= Jakun-ness..hihi)

We were all hungry so we headed
to Kubor ( a well-known makan place among geng2 IIUM)
to eat!!

Walked around for a bit
and we saw this particular booth
with a fish spa...

Dad and Fitri gave it a try...

Fitri was tickled-stiff by those fishes..

Went back to the Hotel,
Gotta get my beauty sleep..
Big Day ahead!!!

Wait for part II of CONVO-ED...;)


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