Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Work space and food...hmm..


Im excited..

coz i finally get to blog some pix..


here goes:

this is my

work space.......

This is the sitting area for clients to hang out...

Cheyy~~ ;)

These pixies were taken last month,

when we first moved in here...

Now, the office is of course much more nicer...:)


Calling out for my friends who just love Thai food....

Bonus: Its Halal!

u guys can try Koh Nang Kam Restaurant at Jalan Keledek..

I Went there and it was quite good..

managed to snap the menu....

Koh nangkam rice..Chef recommendation..

and, suli~~~ i know u like this one...:)

Som tum!


so, that's all for now k...


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