Tuesday, February 06, 2007

romantics and all

Weekend was grrrreeaatt!
despite the PMS monster bugging me..

after two months of NO pms,
the sensitivity level was back and a tad too high...

i didnt let it went overboard...
thanks dear,
you always know how to make my day...:)
love ya!

weekend was spent with quality...:)
we had a quiet-under-the-sinaran lampu minyak tanah-romantic dinner
which i thought was cute and lovely..:)

we ate these!
although its instant noodles and BIG gulp,
i was very happy and contented....:)

next time can do it again k dear? ;)

in the meantime,
im busy with school...
i just cant seem to get my mind off my workload...

its for a good cause and a good grade PLUS a good dinner if i pass with flying colours..
rite dear? ;)

gtg back home again this weekend,
an 'ol friend of mine is getting married...
but kinda feel 'segan' lah to go there...
cant wait to meet you shikin!
you're gonna look absolutely gorgeous lah...:)

to my sis-in-law,
gambar2 kawen you da siap...
boleh tahan lawa gaklah...sbb i yg amek kan....;p

p/s: the senggugut is TERRIBLE!!!! :'(

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