Saturday, September 27, 2008

F1 + Lewis Hamilton Craze

Hello people..=)

Guess what??

I just got back from the F1 practice sessions at the singapore street circuit!
Verdict: I loike!

I was contemplating of getting out of the office early today,
and while I was at it,
my boss came to me and gave me TWO free tickets to watch the F1 practice sessions!

Boy was I excited!
I stopped contemplating and made my way down town to meet up with FH..
Bought some munchies for break fast and off we headed to the circuit..

I was in awe..
It was my first time ever watching an F1 race...
And the only thing that comes to my mind when you mention F1 is: Lewis Hamilton and Ferrari...
Ask me anything else, I dont know..hihi...

The reason I was particularly intrigued by this year's F1 is the fact that it is in Singapore....
The first ever night race in history of F1 racing...
I was even more curious as to how the circuit would look like...
Hey, its the Singapore roads that we're all familiar with,
and all of the sudden its an F1 race track...

To be honest,
I was quite impressed with the circuit!
Who would have thought that Raffles Ave, St. Andrew road, Esplanade drive and Nicoll Highway can become a race track huh....

The whole area was brightly lit up as if it was daylight...
The Sound of the F1 cars was deafening but it kinda bring the excitement up...:)

I was secretly-no openly-happy the fact that Lewis Hamilton was in the first place among all other racers during the first practice session...
He came in third during the second session, but who cares when he is so gorgeous...;)


Enough of the ramblings now,
Lets the peek-chas do the talking...
( I really wished I had a DSLR with me just now..But we just make do with what we had..hihi)

Our tickets! Came with a nice lanyard..

Im a very happy girl!

The big screen right in front of where we were seating...strategic seats we got eh...;)

Lewis hamilton's car!! ;)

Ferrari...I loike!

The Grandstand next to ours..

That Him! Lewis Hamilton! I loike!

Last But not least,
Tried to take pictures with one of the cars,
jadi lah ek...daripada takde...;)

After the practice sessions,
My ears felt numb...
Hope I wont go deaf tomorrow...
Need my ears to teach...ahakz..

Will you please excuse me,
I need to go get my beauty sleep....;)

Im out!


Sean Ryan said...

Hey, just swinging by your blog. Saw your DRZ400SM. LOVE IT! Have a DR400 myself! I don't have the SM though. Love the black plastic on yours, Mine is blue. Are you trying to tell me you ride these bikes big ol bike's! My DRZ is very tall, can't imagine you being able to touch the ground guessing your 5'5" or so. Have a great weekend!

Nora said...

wahhh bestnyeeee!!!!!!

Mary said...

I. KNEW. IT!!!!
AAAAAArrrggghhhhhh the perks of working in the car industry at THAT moment!!! Grrrrrr.....alahaiiii best nyer! Hope you enjoyed urself!

mFiFo said...

To Sean: No, I dont ride these bikes..i just love ém...:)

To Nora: memang best giller...!!! :)

To Mary: ahakz...! i did! happy sgt sgt...! :)