Sunday, November 09, 2008

NotTheBestOf Me

Not in the best of mood..
Is it really this pressurising?
Is it really this crappy?
Is it really hot these days?
And why am I so thirsty since this morning?
Is facebook photo uploading giving me a headache?
Do I really have to go to work tomorrow?
Is my family really going to Kota Kinabalu WITHOUT me?
Am I really going to be all alone come next weekend?
Is there really going to be a measly bonus end of this year?
How come everybody irked me?
And why am I feeling angry, anxious, annoyed, sad and restless
all of a sudden??

I am anything but joyful...:(

2008 has been a hell of a year...

There's still a month and a half more to go...
I dont wish for anymore nonsense..


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