Monday, July 23, 2007

i love you bibu...

Hey all!
Im back here, again in campus..
and again there was no class today...
lucky i decided not to go to class in the first place..

Hows weekend?
partly ok, partly terrible..
the row at home made me all moody the whole Sunday..
Im sorry dear, for being such a nuisance..
I knew you tried to make my day,
I thank you for that..
makes me love you even more..:)

apart from that,
it's BIBU!!!

she's just soo chubby and sooo cute and pretty...
takle angkatz..
i just enjoyed being with her...

thanks dear for getting Bibu....:)
partly because i like her..:)

Dear, quickly get her new baju..
nnt luka2 lak badan dia...;) that weekend is over..
its time to get back to reality people...

cant wait for Prof Fazal's class tomorrow..:))

k k,
i've got to go read news..

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