Sunday, March 11, 2007

great around them

Its great to back home again! :)
happy to be with him again..:)

its been so long since i last updated with pictures..
pardon me...
my N70 was 'hospitalised'
but its better now...

so now can put up pix...:)

last Thurs was an unexpected outing with Kaed..
that girl eh,
really influenced me tau..;p

but it was all worth while...
my hands and fingers were all 'itchy' to caress my baby(read: my SLR)
so we went out to take pictures at Bukit Bintang and KLCC..

That's kaed and me..

some of my actions...
i didnt realise she took that picture of me,
trying really hard to capture KLCC at its nicest possible angle..

we were starving by the time we reached KLCC,
so we went to the signatures to fill our grumpy belly..

thats my phad Thai...
whatever it is, it does not satisfy my picky taste buds..

we had Ice creams!! :)
it was heavenly, i tell you...;)

Hepi giller dapat ice cream..ahakz!

before we went back to campus,
i sidetracked to famous amos to buy him something..
hope u liked it sayang...:)

Thanx kaed for the great time..:)
i own you one...

yesterday, i was out the whole day taking pictures, again...
well, its for my assignment...
and also visited my aunt and granny...

i was all over the place trying to control this kiddo here,
she's my cousin, Shahira Begum...
she super hyper and one happy baby tau! :)

When the sun was at its perfect horizon,
i went to Pasir Ris park to capture more beautiful moments..

and guess what,
i decided to cycle,
yes, alone and around the whole park!

Refreshing i tell ya...:)
but sorilah, no pictures...
sorang2 and tga feeling,
so tak terlintas nak take my pictures...;p

eh, thats all lah...
byk keje rumah la pullak....


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