Wednesday, March 07, 2007

4 flat kapper!

I can pretty much say "phew!!"
coz i've FINALLY finish my eap research paper..
well, not totally..
but 95%....:)

i thought i was never going to be able to finish it...
i felt a GREAT sense of freedom!
its like im walking on air! :)

im down with two more presentations and 1 assignment...
oh yah,
not forgetting my final assesment for my photography skill,
which im going to do this weekend in Singapore...

nak ikut tk? ;)
but ur working kan? kan? kan? ;p

its wednesday,
i simply anticipate the weekend...
i cant wait to smell the 'Singapore air'..
as if there's a difference btw m'sia and spore's air...:p

i found out that there's merit for those who are active in campus' activities...
as in, there's a transcript for it!

ini mcm i can get 4 flat lah for my CCA....;)

p/s: i wonder if u're reading this, if u are, i miss u terribly....:(

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