Sunday, May 11, 2008

What the Fish!!??!!

I woke up this morning trying hard to look at the positive side of life
and forget all the crappy aspects that's been bugging me
for a past few weeks...

I decided to go out and shop for something for mom..
Since i shouldnt go alone i asked my parents to go too,
But they were tired and my mom's not feeling well..

I tried asking my irritating brother to accompany me,
but he was adamant about not wanting to follow...

and so, i went by myself...
I decided to call mary and luckily she was free to come..

Thanks mary....

I went to the kodak shop to have my passport photos taken..
While all this was happening,
a guy- with the very definition of MAMAT from Suli's blog entry- walked into the shop and stood there aimlessly..

I ignored him and walked out of the shop
and didnt realise that he was following me..
and he actually stopped me!

Mamat: nak mintak number talipon leh?
Me: Excuse me??
Mamat: can i have your number, nak kawan..
Me: NO.
Mamat: why? ( muka blur)
Me: I am engaged.
Mamat: *tak respon* (muka blur)
Mamat: oh, sorry..(muka paisey)

What the Fish!?!!

Well, he spoilt my day, spoilt my appetite even...
kepala hotak berjambul lah mat!

Do I look like a typical minah??

coz, seriously i think,
the only suitable partner for a Mat is a Minah...
Sorry if anyone is offended by this,
but i am Pissed-with a capital P..


and whatever happened the rest of the day
is NOT at all La La La happy happy mood mood!

So much for wanting to look at the POSITIVE aspect of life..

The only thing i can at least smile about is the
aroma therapy set i bought for myself...

White petals fragrance from body shop...

This set could not come at a better time
coz i seriously need a break from all evil...

On a lighter note:

Happy mother's day to my mother
Syafakillah mak...

Im out.

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