Friday, April 06, 2007

bdae dateS

wonderful date i shall say...:)
i didnt know swensen have laksa until yesterday..(ok, i know im so kuno rite? :p)

i think the laksa was superb..

plus the ice-creams!
yummyyy~~~~ :)


comel rite? dis one here is called "b'dae firehouse ice cream"

and as if dats not enough, we ordered one more desert..
choc malt frost..

mmg membesarkan perut lah kirakan...;)

thanx dear for the wonderful time..:)

luv ya! muachs! :)


bdae celeb with my 'lesb' partner, Mary..kehkehkeh..(seram kaaan...;p) on the 9th...
updates comin up...:)

mary! cant wait to watch namesake!
plus, THE cake..yum yum..;)

meanwhile, my penangite fren, farah is comin to Singapore..

welcome my fren..
enjoy ur visit here...:)

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