Thursday, April 05, 2007

happy 23rd bdae


im home!!!

at last..yes,
i reached homeland at abut 11.30 pm, on the fourth of April 2007..
he fetched me to fulfill my wish, that is to be with him exactly when the clock strikes midnight..


made me feel terribly happy and touched...:)
thanx're the best...:)

exams over, and my holiday for three months ++ has begun..
gosh! :)

well, a few days before my exam ended,
dearest friend of mine,
Miss aeda fitreah managed to dig into my naiveness...(with her "kaed" thinking)

for two days in a row,
she and two other friends surprised me with a mini bdae celebration..
and im touched...

there's a lot of interesting pics..
i dont think i possess enough diligence at this point of time to post all..

nevertheless, here's some of it..
the rest can be viewed at my fotopages:

meanwhile, enjoy:
and earlier today, had lunch with spec..windu sey...
and then, went for the last paper and voila!


for those who wished me a happy bdae, thank you dear friends..! :)
happy holidays to you ppl...

p/s: cant wait for the dinner date tonight...hihihi...;)

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