Sunday, April 01, 2007

April fool


i've overcome my 'worst' fear...



(i almost thought the exam would be cancelled..hehe..April fool lah katakan *wink*)

the exam was this morning...
i know i understood the questions and were able to answer....

the last question pissed me off totally...GrRrRrrRR!

i calculated for the umpteenth times and still could not get the correct answer...!!?!

geramz btollah!

but anyway,
i did the other steps accordingly...
i know i have a B+ in my hands...but still, im crossing my fingers for an A- minus....


that means i have only 2 more papers to go...
tomorrow = marketing
and on the 4th = revelation

i still have 3 chapters to read for marketing,
and i cant believe im sitting here in the Cyber Cafe surfing away....~~~

a teeny weeny bit of play wont harm anyone ait? ;)

p/s: its April already!! gosh! its MY beloved month...:)

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