Monday, April 09, 2007

Arians out

The Aries gals bdae updates!! :))
(okay, i noe this is soo heck care...nk share gak..:p)

as planned,
Mary and me met at Yishun..

headed to cineleisure to watch 'Namesake' (adapted from a novel by JhumpaLahiri)

great it...:)
(despite some parts yang.....erk...)
for those who intent to watch it,
its NC-16, k?

so thats bdae girl no.1

and this is bdae girl no.2

this is mine to her..

this hers to me! (my fav!)

this is US!

whatever it is, it is never too late to wish us Arians a happy bdae..
coz the whole of April is OUR month..;)

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