Monday, March 24, 2008

Alkisah Mee Siam II

Me: So, how dear? 1-10..
Dear: da agak dah mesti nk tanya macam tu..
Me: Yelah, 1-10, how?
Dear: A-

I passed with an A- on my FIRST Mee Siam attempt!



I still couldnt believe I cooked Mee Siam,
I mean, me?
Im soo not a mee siam person...

I've not eaten mee siam before, let alone COOK it..

After almost half a day of
sweating and pacing up and down the kitchen,

Here it is:

looks decent eh? :)

aaah~~~ my very own mee siam...

Thanx honey for chillin' out at my place
and thanx for the A-...;)

Next time I'll lessen the Tauchu just for you k...;)

Next to try: Mee Soto...

But before that,
Maaaaaakk.......time to get a NEW blender, please~~~

P/S: Each simple gesture, made me fall for you again and again...
How I really treasure you...:)

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