Monday, March 31, 2008

Beloved month of the year

Its going to be April in a few hours time...

My favourite month of the year..:)

Not only because its a special month for me,
but also because its the month where its name is beautiful and useful

Get what I mean?

tell me,
which month of the year is it, that people use for their names?

its April!
not January, not February, not March, not May......
Erk...ok maybe for May and June...

but the rest, NOT..

and between April, May and June,
April sounds nice and beautiful for a name..

you have to agree with me on this...
Ceh! paksa lagiii...ahakz...;)

I like MY month very much...
I feel so attached to this month..

I've given myself something nice,
I usually do whenever its April...

I loike it!


Cant wait to spend that meaningful day with Darl...:)
Is it going to be Carousel?
or is it sakura?
is it beach road?

is it, is it?



im out.


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