Wednesday, March 12, 2008

cleared everything and now, wait......

Hey Ho!

Im back from KL,
and back again at work...

wish i could get more holidays..
but thats always the case...
mana pernah cukup..


uh? what? KL?

yes yes yes....

went to KL
just for a quick visit..

due to work commitments
i had to make it a 'chop chop' holiday..

not exactly holiday...

i went there to do my clearance...

It was super fast..

cleared everything by 10.30(approx.)a.m.
and since there an extra RM from my registration fee,
the bro at finance dept. brought it forward
so that i dont have to pay when
i take my convocation robe later on..


i bunked in Suli's room..
chat and chat til its 6.30 am..

slept for only 1 hr..

i remembered we talked abt jobs,
money, people and stuff....

the most important and embarassing part
was me wanting to say "coffee with whipped cream"
ended up saying "coffee with whipped POTATO"



im sure Suli had a good time laughing..;p

btw, thanx for your hospitality babe! :)
and to Za, thanx for the PJs....teddy bear lagik....

im now waiting for convocation...
which is in August...

siapa-siapa nak bagi hadiah ke bunga
can start planning for it now...
hokay? ;)

im out.


p/s: it was a wonderful getaway...

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