Tuesday, March 18, 2008

alKisah Mee Siam

I've been pretty busy lately..
There's work overload here in the office..
everything needs to be done by the end of this month..

I was working OverTime last week,
and there was this one particular day where
I worked from 8.00AM up to 10.30PM!

and I even had to come back
to the office last Saturday
and finish up my work..

Im still pretty much busy this week..
Im looking forward to this weekend,
which, I've set aside specially to
devote myself to learning how to cook Mee Siam..


Dear and me have been going out and
eating out most of the time
and we were not sure where to go to this weekend...

I suggested, why not we eat in?

save money for some other important stuff..
right dear..;)

And since we'll be hanging out indoor,
I decided to cook his favourite food..
Mee Siam

No no no...
thats not my mee siam....
tu sample gambar je..;)

I'll snap some pix of the mee siam I will be making
ok lah dear...jangan tak jadi sudah...
im out!


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