Thursday, November 23, 2006

all the fun things and results, yikes!

A few of my friends said this is the most boring holidays ever..
I personally didnt think so...
First cause i have so many things up my sleeves to be done..
Especially with me being the 'maid' thingy...hihi..
And plus, i had quite a few wonderful outings...:) :)
i'll be going to my Granny's house today...
just for a visit..

school holidays is drawing nearer and nearer to the end..

All good things have to end...
and it always ends soooo fast, isnt it so?
and sometimes without us even realising it, u agree with me?

when school holiday's ending,
means, results will be out soon..
when result's will be out soon,
I will be scared to my wits!

argh! help!

haiyyah..this sem 1 ah..very scary you know....:(

Better try harder to get at least an A, so i can get a treat...hahahaha...;)

p/s: Pelangi di petang hari.....

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