Thursday, November 09, 2006

xam's coming to an end...

5 down 1 more to go...
anticipation is very high..
cant wait to go home..
miss my bed and my fluffy pillows..:(

I have 6 days gap before the next paper (usul fiqh)
gosh! i've so much time under my sleeves..
i've a date with specky on the 11th..
hihihi...feeling very cheeky...
cant wait to sing my heart out..;)

"ais, cepatlah abes xam anti..ana xcited giller nih.."

Life's getting on fine..
Im very happy and contented..
Never had a day gone by without an overwhelming sense of gratitude to Him, the most Loving and Most Merciful..

:) :)

im out..
nak g ronggeng..

p/s: miss my babe..suhaila......

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