Saturday, November 25, 2006

i passed through it..yes!!

Last night,
As i was lying around waiting to sleep,
i realised that it was 'the' date..

November, Twenty-Fourth.

The date which i thought i couldnt bear go through..
i thought i was going to die, if i had to go through it..
i thought i was going to spent the day cooped up in my room..
i thought i was going to shed unstoppable tears the whole day..




i've got my babies,
and im very very happy...
i've got some meaningful calls and smses,
and im overwhelmingly happy..

i did get through 'the date'

im happy for my self...

speaking of my babies,
i've got names for them..

the ones with the most stripes on its shell is 'Torty'
and the other is 'Canny'

ok ok,
u ask...

Both names were inspired by the all-time favourite hunky, macho Italian soccer players..
as in,
torty = totti
canny = cannavaro (miss him..! ahakz! ;) )

i loike!! ;)

p/s: existence of rainbows made me forget 'the date' :)

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