Monday, November 20, 2006

serene and calm

feeling a bit jet-lagged todae...:(

i went to an uncle's wedding ceremony yesterday..
i was pretty excited..
its been a loooong time since i last saw all these uncles and aunties of mine...

yesterday was the first..
next week is another aunt's wedding,
and the week after is another...

three weddings in one go...

and i have an engagement invite from Dila at Skudai...
how am i supposed to go there huh?
how i wish i could drive...(all bcoz of that nasty old driving instructor lah..grrr..)

nvrmind that,
look at this pix..

serene isnt it?? :)
i just love this place..and its in Spore u noe...! :)

before i end,
just a little note for a friend...

i love you and i care for you..
i would want to do nothing to hurt you..
please have faith in me,
and we'll be friends til the end of life..
insya Allah...

p/s: rindu pelangi yang berwarna warni..... ;)

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