Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Me? strong and happy?

I can now truly understand what it feels like to be alone..
its not like being all by yourself somewhere with no one to keep you company..
this is a different loneliness..

despite the fact that you are surrounded by many wonderful friends and families that loved you dearly,
you still feel alone..
you feel lost somewhere and not knowing how to come back makes it even more scarier...

having had someone or something for so many years,
holding on to it like you'll never gonna see it again if you lost it,
pinned hopes for happiness,
can just disappear within mere minutes or even seconds..
dreams were shattered,
hopes destroyed...

or maybe,
there's still hope..
only Allah knows...

For God is truly Loving...
He made me go through this test to make me realize that maybe im worth for something better..
He wants to protect me and make me a true and good Muslimah...

I know its not going to be an easy road for me to walk on..
I know i shall shed unstoppable tears for sometime...
But time heals...
I know somewhere within me, i am a strong girl..
God wills...


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