Saturday, September 16, 2006


bad news..
been VERY busy lately...
the stagnant state of this blog tells everything...

and i had a minor accident..
fell during Futsal...fell really hard..
twisted my ankle..
couldnt even walk...
thanx and k.y, who had to carry me from my room to the car..
and for the first time ever, i get to sit on a wheelchair! hehe....

injected and got two days MC..
which resulted in piled up works...uwaaa!
so, MC or not MC i ignored the pain and braved through my workS..

Alhamdulilah, most of it done..more to go..
plus the pain that is still persisting! sobs!

i am not able to put up pix now..left the USB at home..
wait till my bro comes back from home this monday, then only i can put up pix...
cant really promise though...

for now,
its assignment! assignments! assigments!
and oh yah!
COMM nite 2006 this Sundae....!

p/s: i feel like giving up on you...dont make me.....

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