Saturday, April 26, 2008

LOVE is the stuff inside.....

I think this is, so far the
MOST memorable April of my life...

I once said its my month,
and I have my family and friends
to thank..

my one and only
prince charming
for really really making me feel
like I own the month of April...:)

I loike! :)


Because apart from the many
beautiful moments and surprises,
he gave me a wonderful
closure for this month.......

The Singapore Flyer and
my very own Built-a-Bear!!

Look at the breathtaking view!!

I name it, Azr!
It's got a device in its chest
that when you press and hold,
you can actually feel the heartbeat..

adorable, aint it? :)

Told you its MY month..;)

the Arian finally met...

(Everything April)

Thank you for making it happen
despite your busy schedules...:)

Appreciate it...
Walaupun I paling banyak kena spot..:p

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