Wednesday, December 05, 2007

freaking madness journey each day

Reporting from the office.

Things are going pretty well here..
Im getting used to the surrounding..
Bosses good, checked.
My own working area great, checked.
Work timing good, checked.

basically everything is well..

Only one thing slacking is for sure:
I'm always deadbeat everytime i reached home..

freshen up and sleep...
that's it..
except if i have a date with dear after work lah kan..

I dont think its the work that's tiring me out..
It's the journey to and from work..
The freaking madness that i have to go through every morning and evening on the MRT..

If i were to blog about the frenzy of people that's
giving me headache each day,
it would take five days of non-stop blogging!

Its kind of funny that the new semester has begun
and im here in Singapore...!!


A big shout out to the rest of the kakak2 legend who are still in IIUM,
"korang~~~capat2lah grad...join kitorang kat Sg ni..k?k?k?




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