Wednesday, April 11, 2012

7 Weeks More

At 33 weeks,
weighs 59 kg (lost 2 kg),
with a 2.1kg baby inside me (hope he remains weighing 2. something kg k..teehee),
I have roughly 7 weeks plus/minus more to go..

Latest development for this pregnancy:

-I am STILL vomiting!
It hurts and I cant do anything about it. I even developed this fear that I will continue to have vomiting spells way after I've given birth..oh tidaaaak.....:s

-I kept having SUPER dry mouth..
Which resulted in me constantly drinking water and have frequent toilet visits. It is tiring but its a normal thing for preggers. Its just the weird dry sensation in my mouth that's a bit disturbing.

-I have this sudden feeling of total heaviness from head to toe.
Like if I am stationary and I decide to move, e.g from sitting to standing or from standing to walking,
my body will feel like it's going to collapse face first because it is too heavy..As if my muscles have all given up on me..:s

-My ribs are still very sore.
I've been having this one for quite a while that I've become 'pasrah'..heh..I'd usually put ice pack and lie down and it will feel slightly better. The only problem with this is that I cant just 'lie down' when I am at work..So I had to endure hours of pain before I finally get to lie down. And because I had to endure pain throughout work hours, my face will have the 'scrunched up' look plastered on it all the time..Also, it triples my irritation towards annoying people at work..

-Other aches.
I didn't really have lower back or feet aches before. Only started feeling it, recently..Most probably cos Lil 'A is bigger now so it is causing me to 'feel' the muscle strain more now. I am naturally a fast-paced person, so at times I forgot that I am supposed to slow down, and my uterus will feel contracted and because it hurts I can barely walk. In the end I am forced to walk really really REALLY slowly...

So my gynae have already mentioned that by the next appt she will be doing a V-jay jay check to see the cervix opening. My least fav part of any medical checkup! Mainly because it is kind of embarrassing to have people looking down there..haha..and also because it is uncomfortable to have doctors/nurses poking here and there inside..erk..

So, who wanna make a guess whether baby's gonna make appearance in May or June?
No prize for the correct answer yeah! ;)

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