Saturday, April 07, 2012

My birthday wasn't exactly THE best this year..
Except for the fact my hubby totally surprised me with my fav flowers,
A bouquet of BLUE ROSES!! *Mad Love*

Everything else was sort of a disappointment
I didn't want to think too much about it,
but I guess being pregnant and hormonal kind of escalates the sadness and disappointment I felt..
Hubby was also feeling disappointed because of what happened, so you can imagine I felt even worse as I am the so-called victim *drama-much*
Cried so much, had a major breakdown!! Seriously sobbing like there's no tomorrow..:(
Hubby had to cradle and rock me softly in his effort to console me, yes the whole 61kg me! :'(

In the end,
I told myself, there's no one else for me except my husband and our own little family..

So much for the memorable last birthday before I become a mommy! (-_-')

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