Monday, April 02, 2012

A Step Forward - Seventh Episode

We have moved a step forward in photography.
We've gotten our desired studio lighting and stuff.

And what best way to officiate the Seventh Episode Studio?
By having my very own Maternity Photoshoot!
Also, what best date to do it?
1st of April! My fav month!

If you're already in my FB Friend's list, you'll be able to see the photos.
If you're not, Im gonna share a few of my fav shots of the day and some stories behind the scene etc..
So, clap your hands now! *clap clap* =)

I wasnt exactly in the mood for a photoshoot, since my ribs was aching horribly
and all I wanted to do was to lie down..
But seeing how hubby was so eager about it, I told myself to suck it in and brave through the shoot.

Im glad I did because the shoot took a turn to be one memorable night for me!

Here are my Fav shots!

1) This picture will be the very first picture in Lil 'A photo Album! It speaks a thousand words. Its just, US. Hubby, Me and Our Baby =)

2) I chose to pose like this because nak-feeling-berada-di-awang-awangan. Looking forward to a future together with Lil 'A in our lives gitu..;)

3) This is my fav because looking at the 1st picture, it feels like hubby is feeling serene and waiting for Lil 'A to kick. Then comes in the 2nd pic as if saying "EH!!! He's Kicking!!! waaaah!" LOL!

4) I didnt realise my face have become 'swollen' from pregnancy until I saw this picture. I dont think I've ever had this 'tembam-ness' before. haha..

5) I didnt know why out of the blue, I burst out laughing. REALLY laughing, the BWAHAHAHAHAHA kind of laughter. Somehow in the midst of the shoot, I find it funny that we're both posing here and there and wondering if the composition of the picture is correct cos we cant see the result until the pictures taken. I truly lost it here at this moment and cannot stop laughing. While I was laughing like a mad women, hubby took the opportunity of pressing the shutter as much as he can. Sempat lagiiii! :p

Looking forward to more studio shoots!

If you're interested,
You know where to contact me yah! =)

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