Friday, May 18, 2012

Counting Days

We're counting days..
There's not a single day that went by without us wondering "is it today?"
Lil A is 2 weeks shy of going full term..
Im now roughly around 38 weeks..
By right, I still have 2 weeks to go..
But, you never know...

Probably because we're starting to feel excited and eager..
So we sort of want baby to come now..hehe..

As for me,
I am feeling the mother of all lethargy..
Emotions getting wilder...
Tears can just roll when I feel super tired..
I cry while watching TV, or even over something others say...
Point is, these emotions are very random..

Toilet visits are also frequent..too frequent..
I thought the frequent visits during my 1st trimester was bad..
THIS is even bad...
At times, I need to go at every 5-10 mins interval. Especially at night..
I feel sleep deprived..
Which could be the contributing factor for my crazy lethargy and emotions..

Despite all this,
I tried to keep a positive attitude..
Husband is always there to give a hug or a kiss or even kata-kata semangat...
When Im in discomfort, he'll gently rub my tummy while reading some Zikrullah or Duas..
That would almost always help me fall asleep..
Surpisingly, Lil 'A will also become calmer and be less active and let me sleep..

Now that the time is getting nearer,
I cant deny the fact Im starting to feel all jittery and worried all over again..
But I've prepped myself mentally, everyday without fail..
My mantra is, "RELAX..Whatever happens, REMAIN COOL, Breathe and Relax"
So far it is working..Unlike the past months,
if anybody were to ask me now if Im ready to go into labor, I'll say yes without a doubt!

I've been having some sort of contractions lately,
which I attribute to the famous Braxton Hicks..
It does feel like menstrual cramps are about to come full blow..
But after a while it will go away..
This comes and goes from time to time..
Each time, my mantra helps me to remain calm and collected..
A little back massage from hubby also helps..(SUPER DUPER helps! believe me! =))

When the real contractions come,
I will act like its nothing..hehe..and try to relax...

*im blogging all this and feels like crying..tak about being emo*

As for now,
Im looking forward to go on maternity leave..
The stress Im feeling at work is just too much to bear on top of being heavily pregnant..
Hoping the early maternity leave will get me some proper rest before I use all my energy to PUSH!

Allah Yusahhil. Amiin!

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