Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Focus. Live a Positive Life.

I used to refuse to grow up. Believe it or not, I always had this idea that having to grow up and be an adult is no fun. The money matters, the relationship woes, the family issues, career progress yada yada yada..You get the drift.

We simply cant deny the wonders of being a kid. The carefree nature as if all is rainbows and sunshine. It is not surprising that I tried to hold on to being  a kid, a student. Oh! spare me the headache, I would say.

But soon, especially after I graduated, I had no choice. Like it or not, to be an adult and to think like one is all I have and being the eldest child in the family does not help either. Well, I dont have to wait long, all the 'adult trouble' sure stormed in fast and furious.

I thought I could get away with it by ignoring, keeping to a nonchalant attitude but it all kept coming. Imagine a huge balloon looming towards your face, it gets bigger and bigger just waiting to burst in your face. And when it happens, OUCH!

I learn to deal with 'Adult issue' one by one, take one step at a time. Boy, being an adult sure is challenging. No one decision in life is easy peasy.

One of the major decision I had to make was to plan for my own family. The decision making was mutual between hubby and me. All we wanted was for the best. Where family planning is concerned, most people still think it is not advisable especially for a first child. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. My stand is to each his own. We plan what is best for us, rezeki is still from Allah. Now that we are more stable financially, we pray and hope for the best.

Despite the difficult decision making, being an adult is not all that bad. After all, we decide how we want to perceive life as an adult. Now that I am an adult, I choose to see things positive. My mantra, 'Focus. Live  a Positive Life'

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