Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Pink S is MINE!

This might be a bit belated. Vaio Notebook! (FINALLY!)
and it is PINK! yay!

This is a dream come true. Always wanted a Sony Vaio since Uni days. But the price was a turn off when there was so many other choices.

But still, the Vaio was my secret dream. I told myself one day I'll buy one for myself.

Then last weekend during the IT show, we went to look at the price, and the deal was quite good. But I thought, nah, maybe next time.

But suddenly hubby asked me whether I want it. o_O
like really? seriously?

I was hesitant, kesian pulak nk suruh hubby belikan.

But since it was a great deal, hubby bought the Sony Vaio for me!

*nangis sambil tarik rambut*

Betul ke ni????

and soooo, the pink Sony Vaio S series became mine. :)

Thank you Thank you Thank you sayang!

I wuv you very much! :) MMMUACKS! :)

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