Sunday, June 19, 2011

For The Daddies

It is Father's Day!

This day is for the man whom I call, Bapak.

Thank you bapak for being there for us when we we're young and naive
and have so much to learn in our younger years.

Thank you bapak for being the funny guy
(although sometimes its just like "ape je!" :p).

His favourite quotes:
1) Halal Mutagak, Halal Mutagih
Haram bagi tak tak hendak, halal bagi yg ketagih.
2) Pu Pakal Pu Pintu
Budak nakal memang gitu.

Ape je! kan? LOL!

Thank you bapak for paying for my Uni studies, I know how hard it was those days and I will NEVER EVER forget that. :')

Thank you bapak for marrying me off to a wonderful man.

Words can never be enough to describe how thankful I am to have you as my bapak. :)

Another man who deserves a big Thank You is my daddy-in-law, Abah.

I have such high respect for this man. Witnessing him received his Masters Degree, plus being the best student in his faculty, inspired me to never stop studying.

Thank you abah for accepting me as your daughter-in-law.
Thank you for all the hardship and sacrifices you made for your son, my husband, to make him into the wonderful and responsible man he is now. :')

(Upin&Ipin's elder brother, meet, Apin :p)

I am sure, one day, he too will be a great father like you. I'Allah Amin. :)

And to all the fathers out there,
Happy Daddy's Day!


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