Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Our 1st

I still remember a few years ago,
when he said we shall get married.
My heart fluttered!
My head dizzy with little birdies flying around it!

When we were courting,
I knew there and then that he was THE man I wanted my future husband to be like..
His seriousness when planning for our future,
His caring nature,
He is appreciative,
He is one with a BIG sense of Humour (love it when he makes me laugh)
and He's got goals in life (whether or not it is achieved, a man must have a goal in life).

When we started planning to get married,
things were not easy,
Slowly but surely..........................
5 Dec 2009
We became Mr and Mrs <3

Ever since that day,
every single day I woke up seeing my husband next to me
and thanked Allah for Blessing me with such a good man to lead me and our small family..

And now,
12 months later
we celebrated our 1st anniversary..:)

is still baby steps to the future...into the unknown..
is still very new..
is the start to many more lovely years together...

To my prince charming,
I Love You
Thank you for being the rainbow in my life :)

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