Friday, December 17, 2010

Its a Holiday

Arent holidays supposed to make us feel relaxed and rejuvenated?
yes? no?
Its both yes and no, I think.

I went to Penang and Melaka with my Husband and family.
Wont say it was that great though..
I thought it was urm...okay..fine..

Penang makes me want to cry because of the traffic..
it was craaaaaazyyyyyy~~~~
To go to a 5-10 mins destination,
would take us half an hour or MORE!
and I thought KL was bad. :s

I love Love LOVE the seafood at Hammers Bay, Bayan Lepas.
It was one of THE best seafood I've ever tasted.
I would recommend anybody to go there and try!
That was the highlight of the whole trip for me.

Melaka was much better.
Better hotel

The trishaw ride was fun..
hehe..last time I rode on a trishaw was back in 1996/1997
when I followed my dad and Nyai to her village in Indonesia..

Upon reaching Singapore, I could feel my body asking for mercy..
I was jet-lagged car-lagged..
All I wanted to do was sleep for 24hours straight!

Next holiday destination will be just me and my hubby!
A short getaway, to chill..
February come fast will ya!

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