Monday, November 22, 2010

Childhood heaven

Weekend was pretty much a laze-around-in-my-jammies kind

Which I looked forward to.

Things were tough and stressful at work, of late.
Madness everywhere,
mind-blowing crisis,
deadlines, urgh! tell me about it!

All that put together with some hormonal imbalances,
You get a crybaby..


Therefore, I was GLAD for the chillaxing weekend..
Now, back at work, slow start but steady increase on productivity level.
Went to lunch with N*urin and decided to walk into 'childhood heaven'.

You name it, whatever biscuits you've ever had when you were a child,
it's there! (and CHEAP too!)

I immediately thought of hubby the moment I stepped into the shop.
If only he was there,
I think he'd buy the whole shop.
LOL! =)

Called him,
and the man said he wanted these 2 biscuits,

He wanted it, He got it!

Next time, Im gonna buy more and give some to my parents and niece and nephews.
Mcm makcik makcik lah.. :p

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