Monday, February 27, 2012

Note for Self

Its been a busy day today at work, although it is only half day.
Im squeezing sometime to blog, to let loose and to release steam!

Not feeling great today..
Nothing to do with Monday Blues, but it's just a nagging feeling inside that I just dont know how to put words to.

Well nevermind,
my weekend was good.
Had a great deal of tasks from my things to do list, DONE!

Went to the baby fair, although I found it to be a bit boring..Maybe because I bought some baby stuff last week already..
Got some household chores done with the help of dearest hubby...(Thank you sayang!)
and the BEST BEST BESTEST part of my weekend was............


Ladies and Gentleman,
please give a round of applause to my newest baby gadget....
THE Samsung Galaxy Note!!!


Im Super happy with this phone.
Change it together with hubby and both of us just cannot stop touching and fiddling with the phone..
Serious best laaah...

Im glad I got rid of my iPhone 4..
Trust me, Apples are meant to be eaten, not to be used as a phone..:p

So there!
Feeling a bit better now..

Have a good day ahead!

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