Wednesday, February 22, 2012

25 Weeks

25 weeks.

I am about 15 weeks away from labour!
Went for our routine gynae checkup yesterday and all was well.

Glad that Lil 'A is growing healthily and steadily.

He is now moving a lot more frequently and also stronger.
I can feel his kicks almost all the time,
every little movement makes me smile..
I think it is cute that there's a little boy in my tummy and the little thing that he does is as if he is reminding us of his presence.

I have been dreaming about little babies more frequently too.
Im starting to feel eager to meet my little one.

Another cute experience is whenever hubby decides to talk to Lil 'A and he literally puts his mouth on my tummy and talk!
it makes me laugh and laugh till tears roll because its so ticklish! :) THIS is LOVE...

I Love both my boys <3

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