Friday, September 09, 2011

Little Princess's Birthday


6 years ago, she was delivered to a mixed of emotion.
Despite everything that has happened, she was the apple of everyone's eyes.
I was exceptionally happy because she was the next 'related-by-blood' girl after me, in the family.
I used to want to have another girl in the family, so that explains why I absolutely adore her.

Furthermore, she was the first grandchild in my family.
She used to be such a crybaby when she was younger. I still remember how she would cry and cry whenever she came over.
But when she grew out of that, she makes people around her smile with her chatter and liveliness.
I miss that.

she is a smart and pretty little 6 year old girl.
I pray that she will be a strong girl and make good of herself.
God knows she deserves a better life.
I pray that she will be surrounded by happiness around her.

Happy Birthday Princess!
Though we cant see each other much now, do know that
I Love You and I Miss You.

LOVE, Auntie Nurul

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