Monday, September 27, 2010


Prince Charming's birthday is coming soon.
As usual, I have been thinking of what to get him since his last birthday.
Im very bad in terms of getting gifts for a boys/men.
Also, Im not very good with surprises, more often than not, my surprise plan got busted wayyy before it's supposed to.


So I decided to go frank.
I told dear whatever I plan to give him.

This year, there were 2 prospective gifts.
Its either a PS3 or a GPS.

PS3 - I know he will love it, but its just a gift for his leisure. (also, when he started playing games, I might as well speak to the four walls...:p)
GPS- I knew this was a better idea. Its such a practical gift, since we are almost always on the road, with our plans to go Malaysia on a regular basis.

I did my homework and fell in love with Garmin Nuvi 3790. What makes me fell even deeper was the fact that its got bluetooth speaker for phone calls on the go!

Dear always have trouble with the handphone speakers and it was a hassle to put on an earpiece while driving. He hates it to the core.

The Garmin Nuvi 3790 also has got a voice activation control. It instantly recognises your command. For example:

There will be a menu of things for you to choose from. Let say you want the gps to start navigating and directing you to your home. We set our home to the 'Favourite list'

Dear said: Favourite.
GPS prompted: a list of favourite places.
Dear said: Home.
GPS prompted: Do you want to navigate now?
Dear said: Yes.

..and the gps starts to navigate to Punggol, our Home! how cool!

We tested this yesterday and were clapping our hands in awe. haha!

The device to me is really good. And Garmin GPS system is known internationally. So yah, I guess that was a good buy.

Dear looks happy with it. I hope that it is really useful for him. :)

So people, if anyone is looking for a good GPS devise, I personally think that the Garmin Nuvi 3790 is a good buy.

Hope I can put up a video of how good the navigation via voice command is.

As for now,
toodles darls!

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