Thursday, September 30, 2010

Im Just Quiet

Who am I?
What is my personality?

I've been questioned endlessly nowadays about the way I behave..
They're concerned whether Im feeling lonely or left out..

truth is,
That is me..
I am naturally a quiet person..
I dont just talk to people..
I am reserve and withdrawn, especially when I meet new people..
I dont initiate conversation..
I talk when people talk to me..
I keep to myself most of the time..
Im not the funny girl among my friends..

I am mostly an observer and a listener..
I dont like to complain much..
I dont comment much on things..
I dont go around expressing my feelings loudly..
That is why I have my blog and twitter account..

Only very few people have seen the crazy side of me..
Very few..

Dont feel bad because I am quiet
because I like it that way..

Im quiet..Just quiet..

I was at peace with myself,
until now...
These talk about me being too quiet
is making me feel confused about myself..

I know I cant go on being quiet now..
I have to open up more..
Be known and exposed..
so they said...

I'll try..

Im quiet..Just quiet..

God help ease my path..

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