Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Earning IT

Its almost coming to an end..
In a week's time, my probation will end..
I am not feeling great, I am worried..
Due to the incident with my previous job,
I just cannot stop worrying..

I have been learning a lot and worked hard to make sure
I earn my confirmation letter here..

I tried,
All that is left for me to do is pray..

Allah knows best,
So Im just trying my best not to focus too much on worrying..
Instead, I should make the most out of my last 7 days of probation..
If I get the letter, I earned it with Allah's will..Alhamdulillah..
If I dont, at least I have learnt a lot and now better understands the process
to a good looking and readable magazine, and that its time to move on..
(although I fret moving on, if this happens, coz moving on is HARD)

I am at work now,
it is lunch time, I am fasting (puasa 6)
Missed the 6 fasting days last year,
determined to get it this year, hopefully..

I am a weak human being,
Always forgetting to thank Allah for all the beautiful and wonderful things he gave in life..
Must be the laziness in me..Thus, I told myself I must try to fast for these 6 days, at least..
And then, comes the other 11 days pay back fasting time!

If I can fast for 30 days (actually 19 minus the 11),
the whats 11 days, right??
You can do it Khasanah!


Thats all for now,
Toodles darls!

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