Friday, March 26, 2010

the ones I will miss

When one leaves a work place for good,
there will definitely be something that one will miss about it.

In my case,
I will miss my 2 sweetest colleagues..
Ever since I graduated,
They are the FIRST female colleagues I've ever had..

People say female colleagues can be very bitchy at times..
But thats not the case for these 2 girls..
When times are bad in the office and when things get crappy,
They brighten up my day..

Hello everybody,
Meet Yatee and Junn..

Junn was a writer in the company..
She made my days in the office brighter with her laughter..
LOUD laughter and infectious too..:)

She loves Belle from Beauty and the Beast,
and she often spilled coffee on the carpet, on her dress, on the table, anywhere..

Yatee is the designer..
She is my Ice cream buddy..
when we feel like indulging in a sinfully delicious rich ice cream after a full meal,
we will go to the ice cream cafe downstairs..

She's also my 'bekal' partner..
Most of the time she brought lunch from home,
now that Im leaving, her new partner will be the new guy in the block, Wady..

When these 2 ladies are put together in one office,
they instantly brightens up everyone's day..

They are also 2 of the most generous people
I've known..

Sometimes when I reach office in the morning,
there will be chocolates, curry puffs and lots of other goodies on my table..
Memang rezeki melimpah..

May Allah bless them with more rezeki always..

Thats why I said,
I will definitely miss them both!

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