Monday, March 08, 2010

DREAMS can wait long long (NOT!)

"sometimes its not that we want to be choosy, but we have important things to factor in thus we request a certain expectation..but people dont know that..and when we give in and follow suit, we face with hardship in life..who wants hardship? nobody..*confuse soul*"

That, is my current FB status. I am in a state of confusion.

I might be jobless starting April.

I've been looking around for a new job for so long..So so long..
All I wanted is for people to appreciate me..I work I commit..

but why did I always end up feeling cheated.

Who says $ is not important?
Dare you say that to my face and I'll knock you down with my smelly socks..

Without $ I can never achieve dreams..
Dreams of studying, dream of making my parents and parents in-law happy, dreams of making it big with my passion in photography, dreams of traveling to the places I dream of going before I die, dreams of having a child and to care and nurture him/her to the very best...

How do we ever achieve them without $..?

I took my bachelors not without $ problems..
I troubled my parents (and aunt, God bless them all) enough to make sure I graduated..
All these is with a LOT of $..

Now, when I wanted to get a job, that pays well,
people just dont appreciate..
(dengar2 dulu belajar FREE)
They give a measly $ and demand that a 3 to 5 person tasks to be done in a day, by 1 person..
They can even toy around with my $, and claimed that the company is not making $..


should that be the case?

Im getting more and more scared to get a new job because Im scared I might land one that is no different from the others..


Now, I've 4 interviews..
1 shift work and 3 9to5..
I dont know whether to accept the shift job, should they offer me..
Time is the big factor..

the other 3, is normal working hours..
Should they accept me,
I pray I will get a $ that is reasonable..

If not, my DREAMS shall wait long long...

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