Friday, March 26, 2010

Eager to scream

Oh yeah...

Today's the day..My last day with this company..
Despite the downside of my experiences here, I cannot deny the fact that I had my fair share of good times too..

The highlight of it all, was when I finally get to meet CT!

Now, its time to close one chapter and open a new one..

I pray that this new chapter will be a better one and there will be no scary episodes in it..

I must also remember my promises to Him Almighty..

For a last day,
I am VERY early for work..
I have organised every files and folders so that it is easy for my replacement later..
(am I good or whaaat??)
I really cant wait for this day to end...!

Eager to scream "IM FREE!!" at 6 o' clock today..

P/S: feeling slightly down...hmm..
P/s/s: my sweet colleague just gave me my FAV choc bars! nak cry leh..huhu..

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