Friday, January 16, 2009


People who know me personally would say
Im not the angry type of person..
Even if Im a victim, I would still take my time to think,
whether I should scream at people that annoy me or not..

Most of the time,
I would just let it go and just imagine I scream vulgarities at them
and do something terrible to them in my head...

So far,
NO ONE in this world has caused me to want to do
other than that..


This one particular person...
A girl...
Whom my mother fondly titled her as 'anjing gila'...

This girl has been in the picture ever since me and my brothers
were still in secondary school....
(that was around the year 2000)

The whole family tried not to judge her...
But time and time again,
she proved us wrong..

She caused our family to fall apart like crazy....
She bad-mouthed people..
She makes 'drama' just to get attention..
She shouted vulgarities at BOTH MY PARENTS!!!
She shouted vulgarities at HER PARENTS!!
She freakin' smokes ciggies..
She talks rude..
She influenced our in-laws by badmouthing us...
and many other BAD BAD characteristics....

(I tried to be kind and look at her good side instead, but she's gone too far that I simply CANNOT look at her good side!)

All that and she can freakin' ask people
'why people dont like me??'


Since she cant be changed and does not want to change,
My family just cant be bothered with her...

But yesterday,
She did it again..
she just somehow manage to irritate people with
her nonsensical behaviour!

She went to my aunt's house!

My aunt doesnt even know her!!!
and was startled to find a crying girl
at her doorstep...

Begging to meet my brother,
and saying she wants to kill herself..

You want to kill yourself,
Go and freakin kill yourself lah..
None of our business!!

Good then!
That's one crazy person down..
The world does not need a person as outrageous as you!!

Its all for attention..
No one in the world who wants to kill themselves,
would tell people that...

they would just go and DIE lah!


My aunt had no choice but
to get her in the house and let her tell
her 'pitiful' story...

What a shameless person!
pegi rumah sedara mara orang
and then bukak pekong sendiri??

Dasar perempuan tak tau malu...!!

Even with all these nonsense,
I've always reserved a thought that maybe she's not that bad...

until one particular Ramadhan..

She kept calling my house...
When I finally had enough,
I answered and told her that its maghrib, and
that as a girl she should be ashamed to be calling
and annoying people like that...

And guess what??

She smsed my dad
to freakin tell him 'to watch his daughter's mouth'!!!

Who the hell is she to tell my dad to do that???
Mother Bugger you!!!

you tell me perempuan jenis apa tu??

is it her or is it just me??

From that day onwards,
I shut all reservations with regards to her good characters!

Any sane person in this world would NOT want to be friends
or entertain her nonsense...!

What can I say,
She's desperate!

I personally believe,
Akhlak dan peribadi seorang wanita tu harus dijaga..

I believe,
that a person CAN change from vices to virtues..
Kalau rasa kesedaran, humility and malu tu dah takde langsung,
ginilah jadinya...

Sidenote: This is me being VERY ANGRY. The very seldom emotion has come.


DoOrDie said...


apa dahsyat sangat perempuan tuh?

DoOrDie said...

She's a freak!

mFiFo said...

2 DoOrDie: Thats why...I also dont know lah what the heck is wrong with her...da melampau sangat!

Anonymous said...

i hate her!!! retarded..
sama mcm bdk skola yg kta jumpa kat mrt masa zaman skola dulu.. igt tak? huhu..

love u,