Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Solemn 'Eid

'Eid is less than a week away, It's a call for celebration with family and friends.
However, this year, I feel a little sad thinking about some family affairs that has happened for the past few months. Solemn. I hope I can be strong when 1st Syawal comes.:'(

Anyways, Im sharing my 2 most favourite, non-Siti Nurhaliza Raya songs. I dont know why but these 2 songs make me tear each time. Abeh suka lagu nie, nk nyanyi jugak! But I cant sing them without choking with tears! (>.<)
Pulanglah - Aisyah:

Kepulangan yang Dinanti - Dayang Nurfaizah's rendition:

In case I didnt get to blog again anytime soon, 
I would like to seek forgiveness from my fellow sisters and brothers in Islam, should I have ever said or did anything that might have hurt you, with or without realising it, for I am a human. To err is human and to learn from them is our responsibility.


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