Monday, July 25, 2011

I did it!

Sunday, 24th July 2011.
It was such a memorable day for me.
In my pursuit to lead a healthy lifestyle, i decided to join the annual SHAPE RUN 2011. I joined the 5km run..

Now, as someone who was not an avid jogger, i was a little worried..i thought i would give up feet was aching, my heartbeat so fast, my face red and sweaty and i was gasping for was really a challenge both physically and mentally.

Before the run, my heart was beating, i was nervous...luckily i had my husband there to give me his support..he had been my pillar of strength. :)

Throughout the run, i battled with myself..part of me was giving up, another part was telling me to keep going, never give up and that i can do this...i even chugged 3 cups of isotonic drinks, which i so despise! :s Just for the sake of finishing the run..

Just when i hit the 4km mark, i saw my husband standing there waiting for me, my morale was definitely boosted! *i know im so drama, as if im running in a marathon!* but it was my first time, and i knew i had to do my best even if it is just for fun..:D

Finally! When i saw the finishing line, i ran like i never ran before, well partly because i badly need to pee! Haha..

Finishers were given a medal! When i looked at it, i felt a surged of emotion. I had finished a 5km run and proved to myself that i can do it! :D :D

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